A Father’s Poem – 2010

Thank You all for coming, we look forward to a great night, As Rally for Ryan continues this very difficult fight.

Rally for Ryan is a Public charity, started to help a lot of boys. And with PPMD we go to Washington and we make a lot of noise.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is a Genetic disease that destroys muscles, and with your wonderful help, we will continue to hustle.

There have been some great developments, since we were here last year. Your Money has gone to researchers, but we are not just yet ready to cheer.

They are working diligently to make the kids much stronger, and if their theories are correct they will also walk much longer.

Ryan continues to be an active kid which is a very good thing, and the Blackhawks winning the Stanley cup really made him sing.

Ryan scored his first goal in soccer, a couple of weeks ago. As I stood there with tears of joy, I hoped there would be many more.

But to our delight he knocked another goal in, I’ve never seen a kid happier, as you can tell by his Giant Grin.

Ryan has a great group of friends that are very big and unbelievable kids, I feel very sorry for anyone who tries to pick on him.

Lauren, Brittany, and Cassidy are so supportive and part of the Rally for Ryan Team, and they will play with Ryan until he makes them scream.

Our Committee Members worked so hard, and you all were such a pleasure. I can’t thank you all enough for finding all these treasures.

To our extended families you’re the reason we continue to shine, so please all sit back and drink a lot of wine.

We are trying to get on more corporate matching programs, so if any of you might know wikipedia reference. Maybe you can point us in the right direction and tell us where to go.

This poem is almost over, even though it was fun to write, and I will not rest until a cure is in my sight.

I hope you all enjoy yourselves this will be a lot of fun, with a comedian, and auction guy, and a band, we have something for everyone.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for being here tonight, as Rally for Ryan continues this very difficult fight.

Even Though this is not a wedding, I ask that you raise your glass for a prayer, Let’s pray to god to keep all kids healthy and to have a cure by next year.