A Father’s Poem – 2011

Thank you once again for being part of the Rally for Ryan Campaign,
As we continue moving forward there is a lot to gain.

The kids who suffer from Muscular Dystrophy are the bravest little souls,
As they sit on the sidelines and watch the other kids scoring all the touchdowns and the goals.

Ryan was the Honoree Manager for a football team that had a great offense.
But He asks me very often why he can be one of the kids who’s on defense find out this here.

I’ve explained to him that his body is not that strong, which doesn’t make him happy. He tells me to go find a cure and make real snappy.

He did get into a game thanks to a wonderful set of coaches who told all the kids the reason.
He scored an extra point against the packers and they ended with a perfect season.

All of you in this room are so wonderful helping with this fight,

Trying to help Ryan and other kids see a cure in sight.

Ryan’s sisters see his struggles and they don’t know what to do,
As parents we just look at them and tell them we love you.

Ryan’s friends have been an amazing support group even though they probably don’t understand what’s happening to him.
His muscles continue to weaken but we wanted to thank them because they really make him grin.

Are extended family and friends have helped in so many ways that our deep appreciation is so hard to express, so please pat yourselves on the back because you continue to impress.

This poem is almost over as I’m sure your all so thrilled, please have a great night and try not to spill.

Please raise your glass so I can say a prayer for all the people who struggle with so many different things. Please god help us all find the strength, courage, and peace to deal with these things. Amen.