A Father’s Poem – 2013

Welcome to all of you who are attending tonight’s event, we couldn’t get any of the Blackhawks because of a game, but invitations were definitely sent.
Rally for Ryan is in its 5th year, and we’d like to thank you all as we are waiting for reasons to cheer.
We went to another MD conference in Baltimore where most of the kids over the age of 10 had already stopped walking, and flying down the hall was Ryan on his Zappy scooter at 16mph definitely got a lot of people talking.
Ryan Continues to ask the tough questions, as he has gotten good at searching for information on the web about his disease, and he has read that a lot of kids die in their 20’s and daddy and mommy can you find a cure for me and hurry, please!
Ryan played hockey with the Sabres and was honored with the sportsmanship of the year award in front of 2,000 people in Joliet, half the hall was crying listening to the story of a boy with Duchenne going out on the ice and giving it all his best.
My three daughters Lauren, Brittany, & Cassidy, are all in high school and very smart and beautiful and all of that, but they continue to amaze us with their patients when Ryan has his little spats.
Ryan’s friends are all great athletes and it kills Ryan to stand on the sidelines and watch, but when they are together playing they’ll adjust the game just so Ryan can make a couple of shots.
Ryan had another honored bestowed upon him this year when he was chosen for a Make-a-Wish trip, he initially wanted to go to the Super Bowl but when he found out it was in New York outside, he decided Disneyland in Paris would be a better fit.
We continue to take Ryan to a lot of Blackhawks games at the United Center while he can still go up and down the stairs, he likes to watch on the glass as the players warm up and as they skate by they give him that friendly stare sertraline drug.
This year’s poem is coming to an end and some of you may say oh’ joy, and we really appreciate you bidding on all of our wonderful toys.
Please raise your glasses and say a prayer for all the people that you know are sick, let’s hope they all get better, now with Obamacare that would be a very interesting trick.
Thank You