A Father’s Poem – 2014

Geri just delivered such a heart warming & beautiful speech, and her birthday was yesterday and she didn’t even screech.

Ryan continues to amaze us and gives us a reason to cheer, when most of the boys his age are already in a chair.

His friends are so supportive and incredible and their parents are just the best you can ask for,
They watch over Ryan like a brother and help him with the doors and up off the floor.

His sisters are the sweetest girls, Cassidy goes to Hawks games with him, and Lauren & Brittany are in college which is tough,
But they always ask about him, wishing they could be here to help him with the hard stuff.

His Bubbie, papa, & Grandma have had their share of medical issues to deal with, to say the least, but bubbie continues to make the best matzo ball soup, and I swear it helps Ryan deal with this beast find more information.
Back to Ryan, he uses a scooter at school and when long distances calls for it, but when I ask him to use it and he doesn’t want to, he refers to it as a piece of shit.

Ryan has started singing because sports are just not possible anymore, but he will continue fighting for a cure, because giving up is just not in his core.

All kidding aside, I am watching my son get weaker which just kills me deep inside, I hope the drug company’s start the clinical trial’s soon while time is on his side.

A year from now I hope to tell you about the miracle drug that he’s been on, the one that will stabilize his muscles an help him off the john.

You people are incredible, Rally for Ryan is in its 6th year, I thank you from deep in my heart and please give yourselves a big cheer.

We’ve raised over $750,000 during that time, WOW is all I can say, oh wait there is one more thing, and we will Cure Duchenne Someday!

Let’s not forget are committee, who drinks a lot of wine, to get ready for this bash,
They continue to keep assuring us that it’s going to be a real big smash.

There is day’s that I get real sad and then the committee all shows up, they bring all there children with them and some even say was’ up.

Now let’s hold our glasses up and pray for all the people you know that our sick, Let God help them through their suffering, Wait I got an idea!, Maybe Moses can lend us his stick!

God Bless You and Thank You All!!