A Father’s Poem – 2009

This Fathers poem was difficult to write,
as Rally for Ryan begins its long fight.

Ryan Karlin is the youngest of four,
With three older sisters the girls will love him even more.

His three sisters are great, what more can I say, If we could just stop time, I’d keep it this way.

Ryan loves golf, soccer, and baseball, as well as other things,
But playing with his friends really makes him sing.

On the field he wasn’t the fastest, but we just assumed that he would get past this.

You know that this poem is going to sink, so if you would please hang on to your drink.

On April 15, 2008, after the second blood test, we found out the news that wasn’t the best.

Our son has Duchenne, a form of Muscular Dystrophy, Which makes you not walk as you approach your teens.

Geri’s brother Patrick died at 17, another victim of the horrible disease.

Every morning when Ryan takes his medicine, he counts down from ten,
After he gags he gives us a grin.

He does like to swim which is the best therapy, So we built an indoor pool which is not too shabby.

I am not trying to make us all sad, but we need a cure very, very bad.

They have been working on this disease for 50 years, but in the last three we started to cheer.

Researchers are making progress at an amazing rate, but we need a cure before it’s to late.

Rally for Ryan was started to raise money for them,
So they can fix this problem so it does not happen again.

Thank you so much for your donations, and your support has been overwhelming at the very least, now it is time to kill this Muscular dystrophy beast.

This Fathers poem is ending but the fight has just begun, I want to see my son walking until he has his own son.

Marty Karlin for his Son Ryan