A Father’s Poem – 2015

This year’s Rally for Ryan arrives in special way; it is November 14th my beautiful wife’s 25th Birthday.

Our theme this 7th year is A Million ways to a cure, we will be breaking a million dollars in donations, and we couldn’t of done it without all of you here.

This year started with a trip to the Super bowl and boy did we cheer, The Patriots won the game and the Seahawks fans broke down in tears.

Then we got a chance to see the Blackhawks win the Stanley cup at home, what a wonderful thing to share with your son, as I am sure I am not alone.

For the trifecta I wanted to take him to see the Grateful Dead in July, but when he asked me if there would be pot smoking there I said no and he looked at me and said that’s a lie.

This year we have had our fill of bad news, which comes in spurts, but losing Geri’s mom Mary Seaton, was definitely one of the worst.

Ryan continues to amaze us with his will to keep on walking, he is committed to beating the odds and he just keeps on talking.

Ryan asks all of the tough questions, like why he needs to do homework when he might not be here at age thirty, of course I reply back to him that homework will make you a little more sturdy.

His friends continue to help him fight this beast we call Duchenne as they show him they really care, they bring him to boy girl parties and help him up the stairs.

Lauren, Brittany, & Cassidy are saints when it comes to helping Ryan, and with his strong opinions and loud mouth if I said it was always perfect I would just be lying.

I’ll stop rambling on but I want to thank you all for being here, please say a prayer for all the people in need and have a great night and Cheers!

Marty Karlin for his Son Ryan