A Father’s Poem – 2016

A step Ahead of Duchenne, is this years Rally for Ryan theme, we chose this because Ryan is in a clinical trial which last year real made us all want to scream.

This trial had been many years in the making and it couldn’t of come at a better time for Ryan,
See some of his muscle’s continue to weaken but the last thing you’ll see him doing is crying.

We announced this trial at last years event, to date he has had 50 weeks of infusion as off to Lurie’s children’s hospital we went.

Ryan Started the year Voted the 2016 Illinois MDA Goodwill ambassador now that is a mouthful to say at the least, he as done a great job raising awareness, and as his friends would say he’s a beast.

Ryan enjoyed another Super Bowl this year watching the Broncos win it all, we should of tried to get Peyton Manning to come to the rally since it always looks like he’s bored and waiting for someone to call.

We were scared when Ryan started high school but it went off without any frills, it probably helped that Cassidy, Lauren, & Brittany told us we just needed to chill.

Ryan has met a lot of boys with Duchenne, but I can honestly say, he has had the most support from his friends and I thank god for them everyday.

Ryan got a new buddy as most of you have now met, Duffy joined our family after we lost our dog shammy who was also a great pet.

Duffy Helps Ryan do all kinds of things and he takes him almost everywhere even to homecoming this year, he went with a lovely girl named Kate who bought Ryan and Duffy a boutonniere.

Last year my mother Ellie talked as she had done for ever rally before that one, she talked about how she was having some struggles but not to worry and just have fun.

Well my mother did not make it she died in February with her family around her in her room, she always told me to be positive when giving a speech because people did not want to hear about gloom and doom.

So mother I’ll take your advice and take this poem in a place that we need to go, every one of the people who support Rally for Ryan should pat yourselves on the back, we can honestly say that your donations are being used to try to put Duchenne in the distant past.

I’ll stop talking now but I want to thank you all for coming this year, please take a moment and say a prayer for all the people in need and have a great night and Cheers!

Marty Karlin for his Son Ryan