Forex Range Trading


If a range is being traded through buying support, then traders are nearing the position of resistance. Of course, this does not have the lure of a trend or breakout where traders can get on the right side and risk up to 3 to 4 times their capital. Though the true range-bound definition is widely recognised, there are numerous technical indicators and expert advisor solutions available which can be overwhelming. Here we provide a step by step example of a range trading strategy using bars.


De a static limitation for all forex pairs can be deadly to our win rate and it can turn a profitable strategy into a losing one. GBP/USD, CHF/JPY, EUR/JPY, and USD/JPY are four other currency pairs that have competed with each other for two remaining spots in the top 10. It’s not that important when you take long-term positions or you are a position trader or swing trader.

They are typical during the conditions, where they indicate the consolidation period and trends. In addition, these have shorter timeframes that lead to faster trading opportunities. When managed correctly, range trading and trading range breakouts in the forex market can prove quite profitable strategies for some people. Nevertheless, remember that a certain level of expertise with respect to technical analysis techniques helps determine the optimum levels for trading.

ADX in a Ranging Market

Whether it is forex, stocks, commodities, indices, or cryptocurrencies, range trading strategies can be applied with a sideways trend in the underlying market. Quick Turnaround – There is a quick turnaround time for trades in a ranging market. Prices oscillate between support and resistance levels within a short period. This makes the strategy suitable for short-term traders who do not wish to leave their capital exposed to the market for more extended periods. In a range-bound market, these lines allow traders to observe support and resistance levels in the market and determine ideal areas to place entry and exit orders.

Thus prices will not usually exactly respect these areas; trading ranges tend to attract plenty of traders, and thus volatility could increase. In a ranging market you may have to trade slightly more frequently, but ranging cycles on the H4 time frame can last 3-4 days, so this qualifies as swing trading. When you combine range trading with trend trading, you can maximize the opportunities to make pips across 28 currency pairs in any market environment. Learn the best range trading strategy to avoid getting chopped in a ranging market.

How much does trading cost?

Price can be used to define points in the market when demand outstrips supply creating increased prices or vice versa. Once the trading area has been set up, range trading can be executed by simply buying and selling when the price hits the support and resistance bands. Placing stop orders at or just outside the trading range is good practice.

USD/BRL: Near-Term Lows in Consolidated Choppy Trading Range –

USD/BRL: Near-Term Lows in Consolidated Choppy Trading Range.

Posted: Tue, 14 Feb 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

They help to decide on the trading conditions and oscillation of the prices in a range trade. There are thousands of forex range trading strategies that you can find online. You can also use the technical indicators built into trading platforms to create your own range trading strategy template that suits your individual trading style.

Range Trading

Low readings such as 5 indicate low volatility, high readings such as 30 suggest higher volatility. Calculating the average daily range is critical for many trading styles, and one technical indicator excels in helping with this task. Many traders also use forms of technical analysis in conjunction with price channels to increase their odds of success.


Once you have identified that the range has formed you are then looking to make trades from the high and low. As long as this pattern continues to form price will continue making higher highs and will not be contained like it is within a range. When price is ranging it is a lot more likely to continue the sideways movement.

Range trading strategies can be used in every market under almost every type of market condition. The superior balance-sheet position of the Eurozone—and the sheer size of the Eurozone economy—has made the euro an attractive alternative reserve currency to the dollar. As such, many central banks—including Russia, Brazil, and South Korea—have diversified some of their reserves into the euro. Clearly, this diversification process has taken time as do many of the events or shifts that affect the forex market. That is why one of the key attributes of successful trend trading in forex is a longer-term outlook. Furthermore, regardless of whether a customer wants to deal for 100 units or 100,000 units, most dealers will quote the same price.

The situation occurs in all financial markets, and investors take full advantage of range trading. The trading strategy could be used any time of the trading period, but it is most suited at the time of no market directions and no evident trend in the market. Range trading can generally be implemented at any time, but it is most effective when the forex market lacks direction with no discernible long-term trend in sight. Range trading is at its weakest during a trending market, especially if market directional bias isn’t accounted for.

However, when security stops and does not follow any trend and keeps oscillating between prices, known as range-bound. It is a technique that is helpful in such situations and helps identify the resistance levels and support levels. The price of the security bounces back and forth, thus creating identical highs and lows. The function of such a range is to show horizontal and sideways price movements. The rectangular range primarily occurs between the lower support and the upper resistance. The range appears on the charts and indicators that traders use for the study of financial markets.

The TD Ameritrade thinkorswim platform is a popular choice for US range traders, who offer a free demo account and PDF guides with extra guidance information. The best range trading forex pairs are currency crosses, which are those that do not have USD as part of the pair and therefore have a weaker trend. A good example is EUR/CHF, as the European and Swiss economies observe similar growth rates. Shane his trading journey in 2005, became a Netpicks customer in 2008 needing structure in his trading approach.

80% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Traders often ignore ranges as they perceive the profit potential to be restricted.

  • The high is marked off and once the pivot low is in place, that is marked as well.
  • Some position management is needed in the event that a breakout could happen.
  • The US dollar, Japanese yen and Swiss franc are sought in times of trouble – they are in the safe haven camp.
  • Below, the 50 day moving average indicator line in blue shows an uptrend followed by a flatter line, which signals a sideways market suitable for range trading.
  • The third step is risk management; traders have to use risk management techniques to play on the safe side.
  • Potential support and resistance levels are more clearly visible on the chart.

This can be located after a currency has recovered from a support area—ideally, at least twice. The currency should also have retreated from a resistance area—once again, at least twice. It is not a requirement for these highs and lows to be similar in every way, but they should at least be close together. Those looking to join the crowd will need to understand not just the types of range they’ll face but also the strategy behind using these ranges to full effect.

There are gaps between this range of candles that are part of the movement of that currency pair so you shouldn’t eliminate or ignore them. They are like invisible candles that do affect the market and make higher timeframes’ candles or bars along with the visible ones. A range does not have to be a horizontal one, however, rather it can be in any form inside of which the price is contained for a certain period of time. Consolidation patterns, such as flags, triangles, and channels can also be considered ranges that can be traded if they appear on the larger timeframes. In general, the trading range will be defined on a larger-scale timeframe while traders will look for entry opportunities on lower timeframes.

We recommend that you seek independent and ensure you fully understand the risks involved before trading. If you are new to Forex, then learning how to read a price action chart can be incredibly confusing. I am using all aspects of technical analysis and price action in my trading with a goal to help you learn to do the same. With this strategy you are looking for the range to continue and for the support and resistance levels to continue holding. This is both the simplest and also most popular range trading strategy.

Graeme has help significant roles for both brokerages and technology platforms. Traders need to be clear about whether the trading environment will stay the same or change, influencing whether you trade for a range or a breakout. I am still not getting the numbers that you have listed for an average daily range. I created this site to convey my experience and try to help forex traders to make better decisions. Share this post if you liked it and let me know what you think about it in the comment section. Imagine you are a scalper and you have set a 5-pip SL for your strategy.