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Your LTC coins will be sent to this address right after the exchange. With this link you can refer your visitors and friends to our currency converter. To determine the value of 1 LTC in BTC, it is necessary to conduct a simulation based on the current foreign exchange rate. Make a SEPA bank payment to buy or other cryptocurrencies, such as and more. When receiving/sending cryptoassets, the receipt/withdrawals will be reflected on the customer’s account only after our confirmation. As mentioned earlier, Litecoin uses the Scrypt algorithm, whereas Bitcoin uses SHA-256.

  • LTC/BTC is a symbol showing the price of Litecoin against Bitcoin , the most popular cryptocurrency out there, i.e. how much Bitcoin you need to buy one Litecoin.
  • Cryptocurrencies and derivative instruments based on cryptocurrencies are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage and extreme asset volatility.
  • Next, enter the amount of BTC you would like to exchange.
  • Lee remains the managing director of the Litecoin Foundation, which promotes the Litecoin blockchain and funds its development.
  • Swapzone supports over a thousand cryptocurrencies and trading pairs.

We take a comprehensive security approach to ensure your crypto investments and identity are safe. We provide quick crypto purchases to more than 2.6 million users every month. Check your crypto wallet to see your newly acquired coin.

LTC to BTC Live Price Chart

The Litecoin price page is just one in Price Index that features price history, price ticker, market cap, and live charts for the top cryptocurrencies. Rust is a programming language designed for safety and performance. Now, a developer has adapted the Ordinals project for rival proof-of-work blockchain Litecoin. Quickly exchange cryptocurrency at the best rate and the lowest fees with our mobile app or web platform. All you need to do to convert c1 to BTC with StormGain is to register on our website. We don’t use multiple verification checks like other platforms do.

If you still have questions, check out the FAQ page or contact our support team 24/7. We work with a variety of crypto trading platforms in order to find the best offer on the market for you. Looking for a coin to exchange and add to your crypto collection?

What is the Fee for LTC to BTC Exchange?

We offer several options for purchasing cryptocurrencies to fit everyone’s needs. Crypto asset deposits and withdrawals will be reflected in your account only after we have confirmed the transaction. When Litecoin was launched in 2011, its main goal was ETH to solve some of the biggest issues faced by Bitcoin at the time. MoonPay explains Litecoin, one of the very first altcoins. Litecoin’s third mining reward halving due in eight months, will cut LTC’s pace of supply expansion by 50%. Lee remains the managing director of the Litecoin Foundation, which promotes the Litecoin blockchain and funds its development.

Whether you are a crypto pro or just starting out, these wallets might be a good option for crypto storage. I made the mistake of sending coins DOGE to the wrong address in the transaction. The SimpleSwap team helped me out and refunded me the coins, when they easily could have kept them for themselves. Please enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to convert, and the currency converter will automatically calculate the equivalent amount in Litecoin . Start accepting Bitcoin, Ether, USDC, and other cryptocurrency payments on your website or store. Litecoin essentially serves as a “testnet” for improvements to be implemented on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Competitive rates on the market

The percent change in trading volume for this asset compared to 7 days ago. The percent change in trading volume for this asset compared to 24 hours ago. The percent change in trading volume for this asset compared to 1 hour ago. Binance has the lowest transaction fee rate amongst all major trading platforms. Guerrera says that when he began working on the project, he found issues with its dependency on rust-bitcoin, which did not support the MimbleWimble upgrade on Litecoin. LTC/BTC is a symbol showing the price of Litecoin against Bitcoin , the most popular cryptocurrency out there, i.e. how much Bitcoin you need to buy one Litecoin.

Bitcoin’s market cap remains much higher than Litecoin’s. Anderson is CPA, doctor of accounting, and an accounting and finance professor who has been working in the accounting and finance industries for more than 20 years. Her expertise covers a wide range of accounting, corporate finance, taxes, lending, and personal finance areas.

New to our bitcoin to litecoin or would like to get some tips on how to make your Litecoin to Bitcoin swap? Take your time and watch our 1 minute step-by-step video-guide. The guide uses LTC/ETH exchange pair but the process is equal with any other. Ethereum is a blockchain-based software platform with the native coin, ether. Ethereum smart contracts support a variety of distributed apps across the crypto ecosystem.


It has also lost credibility over , in addition to being one of the popular coins on the dark web. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be introduced in 2009. Since then, it has evolved from a novelty into a controversial commodity, investment, and exchangeable currency. It relies on decentralized and community computing power to maintain the validity and security of a centralized database, called a blockchain. There are a variety of reasons why people choose to use crypto. For some, it is a way to protect their assets from inflation or other economic instability.

Since each individual’s situation is unique, a qualified professional should always be consulted before making any financial decisions. Investopedia makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or timeliness of the information contained herein. As of the date this article was written, the author does not own Bitcoin or Litecoin. Which is better depends on your goals, what you want to do with your coins, and your views on cryptocurrency. Litecoins are generated faster than Bitcoin, but Bitcoin is worth more.

How do I convert my Bitcoin trust to Litecoin wallet?

  1. Choose the crypto exchange pair. Choose Litecoin in the “You send” section.
  2. Enter the recipient's address. Now you need to enter the recipient's Trust Wallet Token address.
  3. Send and receive cryptocurrencies.

The maximum token supply of Litecoin is limited to 84 million LTC. At the time of writing, there are 71,784,456 LTC in circulation. One of the key differences between Bitcoin and Litecoin is the algorithm the latter uses to secure the its network via proof-of-work consensus. Unlike Bitcoin, which uses SHA-256, Litecoin uses the Scrypt algorithm. The total dollar value of all transactions for this asset over the past 24 hours. Market cap is calculated by multiplying the asset’s circulating supply with its current price.

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In Anticipation Of 2023 Crypto Gains, Investors Show Interest In ….

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The value of an investment in stocks and shares can fall as well as rise, so you may get back less than you invested. Libertex MetaTrader 5 trading platform The latest version of MetaTrader. Libertex MetaTrader 4 trading platform The #1 professional trading platform. “Permissioned blockchains for real world applications.” PhD diss., 2020. The most significant difference between Litecoin and Bitcoin is its hashing function. As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin uses SHA-256, which is processed very quickly on the ALUs of graphics processing units.

After that, create a password and add a promotional code if you have one. 89.1% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. MWEB optional privacy was added to Litecoin’s base layer in May 2022 via soft fork. This allows amounts held within wallets and transaction amounts within MWEB to be private. Both Litecoin and Bitcoin retarget their mining difficulty every 2016 blocks. However, due to the 4x faster block speed for Litecoin, mining difficulty retargets occur approximately every 3.5 days.

In early 2014, Lee suggested merge mining Dogecoin with Litecoin to the Dogecoin community at large. In September 2014, Dogecoin began merge-mining with Litecoin, providing increased security for Dogecoin and a permanent block subsidy that previously was not available with Litecoin mining. A user only pays the exchange fee charged on the blockchain.


Others see it as a way to safely store and transfer value without the need for a third party such as a bank or government. And still others view crypto as a risky yet rewarding investment option, hoping to cash in on its potential future appreciation. As a result, cryptocurrencies are now a popular alternative for many people seeking a break from conventional fiat money. Performing the verification on our platform is simplest and takes only a few minutes. Using StormGain to exchange crypto is a great choice, because we offer users clear and low interest fees and total safety. So, if you have decided to buy some BTC for your LTC, there is an easy way to do it.

How do I buy Litecoin instantly?

You can buy Litecoin instantly in the BitPay app or through the BitPay website online. Select the amount you want to convert to Litecoin. Enter your wallet information to confirm where you'd like to receive your Litecoin. price history includes peaks intersected by long periods of sideways activity. In December 2017 and April/May 2021, Litecoin’s price broke above $250 and reached a peak of about $410 on both occasions before it fell sharply. The race to bring NFTs to more proof-of-work blockchains is on, as Ordinals inscriptions were introduced to Litecoin. The affiliate programme is not permitted in Spain for the commercialisation of investment services and client acquisitions by unauthorised third parties.

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